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 This talented and unassuming architect has built his career on designing unique and challenging dwellings.  He eschews "cookie-cutter" projects, while they may be easier and more lucrative, in the end he remains true to his design passion.  His primarily residential projects include new construction, small & large additions and alterations to existing homes.  Each stretch his talent and present a new challenge.  Whether these challenges include blending new construction while maintaining the architectural standards of the existing structure, creatively meeting codes without sacrificing the initial design or dealing with flood issues in country estates, Jerry prefers to meet the projects head on.  

Because he has always intended to own his own firm, Jerry is able to design homes according to his firm convictions and strong beliefs.  Some of these include creating detailed construction plans to assist the builder in the construction phase of the project, while always mindful of the strict and evolving building codes especially among the waterfront and historic areas. 


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What to Expect:

-Initial consultation to determine scope of work

-Written proposal

Existing Condition Survey Phase (for Alterations)

Field measuring and inspection, photographic documentation and preparation of as-built plans.

Design Development Phase:

Preparation of design plans and consulation with you to develop and finalize the design to your satisfaction

Board of Adjustment Phase (if neccessary):

Preparation of presentation plans for submittal to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for required approvals

Construction Document Phase:

Preparation of construction plans documenting all the work to be undertaken.